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  WhatsApp Messenger is the world's most popular cross-platform Internet messaging app used for communicating, sharing multimedia content and transferring files.  WhatsApp is undoubtedly the best chat app that allows you to instantly share images, PDF videos and all kinds of other file formats.

  Key components of WhatsApp include video and voice calling with the ability to host group video calls.  The company claims that all its voice and data services shared via its platform are 100% secure thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature.

  The best thing about what makes it so great is its huge global user base, i.e. the app's ability to share data instantly.  Encrypted messaging allows you to have a secure personal chat or large group chat with multiple members.  Group messaging and its professional tools allow you to interact with many people easily.  Voice calls.  Supports multimedia attachments.

  Note: The people you want to communicate with must have this app installed and a working internet connection.

  You can create a group and add as many people as you want.  Media content shared in the group will be visible to all members of the group.  Another interesting feature is that it has a built-in image compressor with which your image will be automatically compressed for easy sharing.  You can also join groups created by other people if invited to join.

New features of Whatsapp update 2023

   WhatsApp's message search by date feature is becoming available for Android phones.  Go to chat window -> click on profile -> tap "Search" -> search box will appear in chat window.  To search messages by date, select the calendar icon just above the onscreen keyboard and choose the date and month.

   WhatsApp is working on a feature to silence calls from unknown numbers.  You'll still be able to see them in your call list and notification center, which makes it much easier to take care of unwanted calls on the go.

   The company also released a new update for the Android beta app that brings a split view feature to the tablet version of the app.  This new feature is a game changer for users as it optimizes the tablet interface.

   WhatsApp has released a new phone number privacy feature for community members, available after installing the latest WhatsApp for Android update.  Users can now react to messages without revealing their phone numbers.

   Meta recently rolled out a feature to search messages by date, channel alerts, and hidden navigation labels on Android.

   Voice status, channel alerts and status rings

   Its latest Voice Status feature allows users to send a voice message in the form of status updates to their contacts.  To use the feature, go to the "Status" tab on WhatsApp and select the "pencil" icon at the bottom.  On the next screen, tap the "microphone" icon and begin recording your voice message for up to 30 seconds.

   The “channel alerts” feature was designed to improve the overall user experience for channel administrators by providing real-time information about the suspension of their channels, along with the ability to restore the channel by sending a request to WhatsApp.

   Users will now be able to see the status of their contacts from the chat screen itself.  This is indicated by a green ring on the profile picture that users can tap to view the status directly.  The feature is available on Android with version number

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